Terms of Service

Chapter I General Rules

Article 1 [Purpose]
The purpose of this agreement is to prescribe rights, obligations, and responsibilities between the company and its members in relation to the creation, storage, and use of meeting minutes provided by Anaki Co., Ltd. (www.deepnote.ai) and applications (apps, apps).

Article 2 [Definition]
The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.
1. "Service" means all services related to "DeepNote" that can be used through a PC, portable device, regardless of the device used by the "Member" to access the service.
2. "User" refers to members and non-members who access the company's website and use the content and services provided by the company in accordance with these terms and conditions.
3. "Member" means a person who has entered into a service contract with the company by accessing the company's website and agreeing to these terms and conditions, and has been granted a service use account (hereinafter referred to as "account"), and continuously uses the information and services provided by the company. refers to those who can use
4. "Content" refers to the creation, storage, summary and other related information of meeting minutes produced by the company and provided and sold on the website, Article 2 Paragraph 1 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. It refers to data or information expressed in codes, texts, voices, sounds, images, or images used in information and communication networks pursuant to the provisions of No. 1.
5. "E-mail" refers to the e-mail address designated by the member and approved by the company for member identification and service use.
6. "Password" refers to a combination of letters or numbers set by the member to confirm that he or she is a member that matches the email address when using the service and to protect the member's personal information.
7. "Member's posts" means information such as posts, images, various files and links, and various comments posted by members on the website where the company's services are provided.

Article 3 [Provision of company identity information, etc.]
The company posts the company's trade name, representative's name, address, phone number, e-mail address, business registration number, mail-order business report number, etc. on the initial screen of the online service for easy recognition by users.

Article 4 [Posting of Terms and Conditions, etc.]
The company posts them on the company website so that users can check the terms and conditions through a separate connection screen.

Article 5 [Amendment and Effect of Terms and Conditions]
① The company may revise these terms and conditions to the extent that it does not violate related laws.
② When the company revises the terms and conditions, the date of application and the reason for the revision are specified, and the terms and conditions before the revision are posted on the company website 14 days before the effective date so that they can be checked. Notice of revision.
③ If an existing member does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, he/she may stop using the service and withdraw from membership.

Article 6 [Effect of Terms and Conditions]
① These terms and conditions become effective when a user agrees to the terms and conditions and applies for membership, and the company approves the application.
② The company is deemed to have approved the changed terms and conditions if the existing member does not raise an objection within the same period despite the notice or notification pursuant to Article 5, Paragraph 2 of these Terms and Conditions.
③ For matters not specified in these terms and conditions, the "Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions", "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection", "Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.", "Contents Industry Promotion Act" and In accordance with other relevant laws or commercial practices.

Article 7 [Notification to "Members"]
① If there is something to be notified to a member, the company may notify the member by wired or wireless method such as the e-mail address or mobile phone number disclosed by the member at the time of membership registration.
② In the case of notification to all members, the company can replace the notice in the preceding paragraph by posting on the bulletin board of the company website for more than 14 days. However, matters that have a significant impact on the member's transaction and use of the site may be separately notified in the same way as in the preceding paragraph for more than 30 days.

Chapter 2 Membership Registration

Article 8 [Member Registration]
① A person who wishes to use the company's services by signing up as a member must read the contents of the terms and conditions, indicate consent, and apply for membership by filling out the relevant information on the prescribed membership sign-up form presented by the company.
② In principle, the company accepts membership registration for the user's application pursuant to paragraph 1 of this article. However, the company may not accept an application that falls under each of the following subparagraphs, and may cancel it even after approval.
1. In case of stealing another person's name or personal information
2. In case of providing false information
3. In case the relevant information is not written in the membership application form presented by the company
4. If membership has been lost due to violation of the company's Terms of Use or related laws in the past
5. In the case of non-compliance with the member's obligations or violation of these terms and conditions and related laws
6. If the personal information (e-mail address, password, mobile phone number, etc.) provided to the company as stated in the membership application form violates good morals or other social order or insults others
③ The company may withhold approval if there is no room for service-related facilities or if there is a technical or business problem.
④ If the company does not approve or defer the application for membership in accordance with paragraphs 4 and 5 of this article, it immediately informs the user (applicant) through a pop-up window. However, exceptions are made when the user cannot be notified without reasons attributable to the company.
all. At this time, the company may request the submission of confirmation documents such as documents proving that you are a guardian.

Article 10 [Change of member information]
① Members can view and modify their personal information at any time on the "Edit Information" page of the company website.
② The company is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by the member not correcting the changes in the preceding paragraph.

Article 11 [Obligations for managing "email" and "password" of "member"]
① Members are responsible for managing the e-mail address and password identified by ID, and must not disclose it to others for use by a third party.
② If a member recognizes that his or her e-mail address and password have been leaked and are being used by a third party, the member must notify the company immediately.
③ In the case of the preceding paragraph, the company may request the member to take necessary measures, such as changing the password, in order to protect the member's personal information and prevent fraudulent use of other services, and the member must faithfully respond to the company's request immediately upon receipt of the company's request.
④ The company is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by members not faithfully fulfilling their obligations under paragraphs 2 and 3 of this article.

Article 12 [Cancellation/cancellation of use contract, etc.]
① If a member wants to terminate or cancel the use contract, he or she can apply through the website, and the company will take action for termination in accordance with these terms and conditions without delay after receiving the member's expression of intent.
② The company may terminate the use contract if the member violates these terms and conditions or related laws.

Chapter 3 Service Use

Article 15 [Obligations of the company]
① The company must faithfully exercise the rights and fulfill the obligations stipulated by the law and these terms and conditions.
② The company uses a separate security device to prevent members' personal information from being leaked to the outside while members use the service, and the details can be found in the "Personal Information Handling Policy" on the company website.
③ If the company recognizes that the opinion or complaint raised by the member in relation to the use of the service is legitimate, it will be processed without delay. For opinions or complaints raised by members, we use the bulletin board or deliver the process and results through e-mail.

Article 16 [Obligations of Members]
① Without the express consent of the company, the member's right to use is limited to the individual member, and cannot be transferred, bestowed, or provided as collateral to others.
② The company may suspend the use of all or part of the service by setting a period or terminate the use contract after a considerable period of notice if the member violates the obligations falling under any of the following subparagraphs.
1. When a member writes false information when applying for use or changes, or uses and shares his/her or other member's e-mail address and personal information
2. In case the member violates the rights of the company or a third party
3. When a member engages in commercial activities such as sales activities to sell products or services using the services provided by the company
4. If a member interferes with other users' use of the service or impersonates the company's management, staff, or related person
5. If a member commits an act that hinders social well-being and order or morals within the company website, or posts and distributes information such as code, text, voice, sound, and video related to it to others
6. If a large amount of information is transmitted or advertising information is transmitted for the purpose of intentionally interfering with the operation of the company's service
7. Violation of related laws and other matters stipulated in these terms and conditions
8. In case of defaming or insulting the reputation of the company and others

Article 18 [Provision of information and publication of advertisements, etc.]
① The company may provide members with various information deemed necessary while using the service by means of notices, notifications, e-mails, or phone calls. However, members can refuse to receive information at any time through notification settings, e-mail, etc.
② In relation to the provision of services, the company may post advertisements on the service screen, company website, and e-mails written by members when signing up for membership. Members who receive e-mails containing advertisements may refuse to receive them.

Article 19 [Use and deletion of posts registered by members]
① The company deletes any postings registered by members that violate these terms and conditions and related laws without delay.

Article 20 [Copyright]
① The copyright of all contents provided by the company belongs to the company.
② Members must not infringe the copyright of the company by recording, duplicating, editing, displaying, transmitting, distributing, selling, broadcasting, or performing information obtained by using the service provided by the company without prior consent from the company.

Article 21 [Personal Information Protection]
① The company values ​​the protection of the member's personal information, and is doing its best to thoroughly protect the personal information that the member provides to the company online while using the company's service.
② Details related to personal information protection can be found in the personal information processing policy provided in electronic form on the company website.

Chapter 5 Miscellaneous

Article 27 [Disclaimer]
① The company is exempted from responsibility for providing services if it is unable to provide services due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure.
② The company is not responsible for any obstacles to service use caused by reasons attributable to members.
③ The company is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of information, data, and facts posted by members in relation to the service.
④ The company is not responsible for disputes between users or between users and third parties through the medium of content.

Article 28 [Settlement of disputes, etc.]
① Disputes regarding the transaction or use of content between the company and users can be resolved through the Content Dispute Mediation Committee.
② The jurisdiction of the lawsuit between the company and the user is the exclusive jurisdiction of the court that has jurisdiction over the address or residence of the user at the time of the lawsuit. However, if the user's address or residence is unclear at the time of filing, the Civil Procedure Act shall apply.
③ All disputes arising between the company and members with overseas addresses or residences shall be exclusively vested in the Central District Court in Seoul, Korea, despite the previous provisions.

• Notification date: February 07, 2023
• Effective date: March 07, 2023