Intelligent AI conferencing integrated management system

ou can automatically generate minutes from a meeting recording file and create reports in various formats based on the AI summary.

AI Summary
Real-time meeting recording and extraction

Don't miss out on your valuable meeting ideas.
You can record meetings and use them as data assets.

  • Real-time meeting recording
  • Extracting the script from the recording file
  • Notes, uploading related files
AI Engine Summary

At the end of the meeting, AI automatically summarizes it to help you review the meeting content quickly and efficiently.

  • Summary of content by speaker
  • Summary by segment
  • Keyword-centric extraction summary
Automatic AI Generation Report

After the meeting, we will automatically generate meeting reports in various report forms to speed up your reporting time. Based on the summary, you can view and edit the original minutes and share them.

  • Provides a variety of report forms, including basic report forms, 1p reports, briefing reports, and summary reports
  • Previewing reports, printing
  • Share Report
Answering AI Questions

AI will build an internal AI engine based on the minutes stored in the deep note, and AI will summarize and answer your questions in chat format.
Don't look for the minutes and ask questions to get the answer you want.

  • Automatic AI Response to Questions
  • Shortcut to associated minutes
  • Speaker Confirmation

You can access and record through the cloud anytime, anywhere.


If you need corporate confidentiality, we'll build it as an internal intranet.


We provide an administrator tool that allows you to easily use organization, user, and group settings.

Business only for you!

It can be used for free during the closed beta period.

If you want to build an internal intranet in an institution, company, or organization, please contact the customer center ( It runs only on the internal intranet, not on the cloud server, so it is built to maintain thorough security.