The file size uploaded to the server at one time is limited to a maximum of 100MB, and it takes about 3 hours when converted to time. When conducting a long meeting, it is recommended to break the meeting in 2-hour increments if possible to avoid file loss.

It takes about 5 minutes to extract a 1 hour recording file.It displays how long the extraction will take and informs you via message when it is complete.

If you use the'replace word' function in the script extracted from the recording to make corrections, it will be reflected and extracted the next time you extract the voice recording. Therefore, it may be a bit cumbersome, but if you use the 'replace word' function to correct words that the voice recognition engine did not recognize due to pronunciation problems, the voice recognition rate will gradually increase.

If you have a lot of technical terms, such as IT, finance, law, and military, register frequently used terms in the 'Terminology' menu. You can enter it yourself, or if you upload a document that uses technical terms, it will be automatically extracted from the document and registered. In addition, you can register specialized terms in the desired field through ‘Import’ of the dictionary provided.The number of words that can be registered as technical terms is limited to 1,000, and you can select and apply dictionaries in the fields you need.

If you send a report document form to service@anarchy.io, we will review it internally and add it as a report template.

Minutes of the meeting can be shared with other users by separating the original editing right or reading right, and in the case of reports, the reading right can be shared.Reports can also be sent through KakaoTalk sharing of final documents.

If you recorded the file with your mobile phone, you must upload the file through your PC.Supported audio file formats are mp3, wav. All files recorded on Android and iPhone, such as m4a, are supported for upload.
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